Green Giant FM (GGFM) is De La Salle University-Manila’s Official Radio Station, located at Br. Bloemen Hall. Green Giant FM broadcasts live on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 AM to 9:15 PM, and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.


DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM is an educational non-profit, student-run organization that aims to serve the Lasallian community and listeners worldwide by providing entertaining, original content, and broadcasting accurate and reliable news. The organization is inspired by the Lasallian values of Faith, Zeal for Service, and Communion as it strives for excellence in all endeavors in the field of Radio Communication and Entertainment.


Green Giant FM functions as a platform for students to broadcast their ideas, a vehicle for student leaders to promote awareness of university functions, a partner for student organizations and external clients to publicize events, and as a channel for the DLSU administration to announce important updates to students. Green Giant FM provides services in events hosting, media coverage, voice overs, and on-air/online promotions.

Executive Board

Nice Carolino


Fiona Caitlin Buendia

VP for Internal Affairs

Milena Quiaoit

VP for External Affairs



Also known as the Sound Engineers of the station, the Audio Pool is behind your listening experience when you tune in to DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM. Making sure that you listen to the hottest tracks with some quirky commercials in between, we guarantee that there is never a dull moment available on air. As primary producers of Green Giant FM’s star-studded show, DLSU Live!, we also provide exposure to the local music scene while delivering quality audio content to our listeners.

Documentation and Logistics

The Documentations and Logistics Pool serves as the office managers of DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM. Keeping track of the documents, the studios, and the members of the station themselves, we are considered as the backbone of the organization.


DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM may have the music that people love and the shows to entertain, but it's the Marketing Pool that makes sure it gets out there! From branding to partnerships, we ensure that Green Giant FM is known to the world.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Pool is in charge of working with clients inside and outside De La Salle University to help promote and build up their events. From on-air promotion to providing talents for different events, we make certain that our services are what our clients want and more.

Publicity and Productions

From camera work to graphic design, the Publicity and Productions Pool is responsible for all the creative visual needs produced by the station. Members of the pool also make up the Press Team, who provide photo and video coverage for events inside and outside De La Salle University.

Radio Talent

The Radio Talent Pool consists of the voices and faces of DLSU Radio: Green Giant FM. The DJs control the music you listen to and talk about various topics you didn’t think you needed to hear. Not only do we work our magic on air, but we also bring out our personality and wit in different hosting events inside and outside De La Salle University.