What is a Furry?: A Primer for FurryPinas 2019

We’ve gotten used to watching shows using anthromorphic creatures as their main characters to drive their story forward. Movies and shows like My Little Pony, Tom and Jerry, and even Digimon have... More

3 DAYS LEFT Before Rakrakan ’19

Alert! There are only 3 DAYS LEFT before RAKRAKAN FESTIVAL 2019! Have you got your tickets already? Well, you better secure ‘em well or else, there would be no Rakrakan Festival for you… and... More

UPDATE: FINAL Line-Up Rakrakan Festival ’19

The country’s biggest, loudest, and most exciting all-OPM festival is BACK! RAKRAKAN FESTIVAL 2019: PEACE, LOVE, AND MUSIC! As Rakrakan Festival makes its way back, this year we are going to... More

Official Line-Up Rakrakan Festival ’19

This is NOT a drill: It’s a SNEAK PEEK of the complete band line-up for RAKRAKAN FESTIVAL 2019! As we rock out another amazing year for OPM, we will make noise again as we celebrate RAKRAKAN... More

2nd GAIN National Convention

"PREPARING THE PHILIPPINES FOR THE JOBS OF THE FUTURE"   On February 8, 2019, the 2nd GAIN National Convention aims to open opportunities for collaboration among the Government Agencies,... More

Rakrakan Festival ’19

"The country’s biggest, loudest, and most exciting all-OPM festival is BACK!"   Cheers to another year for OPM! In celebration for this momentous occasion, we are bringing back RAKRAKAN... More

Content Creators Conversation

Up for some kalokohan and gaming tips? Catch content creators KILLA KUSH and GLOCO this November 23, from 4:30 to 6:30PM at the William Shaw Little Theater and join us for an afternoon of... More