The DLSU Green Archers faced the NU Bulldogs last September 19 in the MOA Arena. Having lost their first game, the Green Archers had to prove that they could keep up after a significant change in their lineup and coach. The first few moments had La Salle leading 8-2, but was short-lived after consecutive tear drops from NU. The first half was a slow start from La Salle but by the end of the first half, they managed to cut their 11 point trail to just 3.

During halftime, as the Animo Squad was finishing their traditional cheers, they started to line up in single file and started removing their jackets, revealing letters printed on each members’ shirt that spelled “UAAP DRUMMERS”. This show of support for their morale-boosters drew an applause even from the NU Pep Squad and proved that good sportsmanship meant showing love for all teams of all sports.

The third quarter saw the escalation of the game. Jolo Go’s back to back three’s and the amazing synergy of Aljun Melecio and Justine Baltazar helped La Salle gain the lead 52-51 and never let go until a nerve-wracking lead by NU 72-71 in the fourth quarter. But like how Archers should be, the team kept their composure and regained their lead, ending the game 80-76. This game saw a career-high 17 points for Justine Baltazar while Aljun Melecio scored the most with 19 points.

After a significant first win, the Green Archers aim to get their second this Sunday against the UE Red Warriors.