October 4 – Last week on DLSU Live!, we had the quirky “Swabecore” band from DLS-CSB, ST. WOLF!

ST. WOLF started off as a bunch of friends, bored and all, who decided that they wanted to do something and since they were taking up music production, they decided to form St. Wolf

The name is derived from the idea that good cannot exist without evil and so, they chose the word “Saint” to contrast the word “Wolf”. Besides that, the name just sounds cool, according to them. Currently, St. Wolf consists of KL Dela Cruz (vocals), Vince Lucero (guitars), Karlo Maglasang (bass), and Bob Sadural (drums).

Though the band is known for their “hugot” lyrics, it’s not all about heartbreaks. Their songs generally stem from their own experiences and the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP- which is why they can draft a song in about an hour if they feel like it.

FUN FACT: One band member has finished one whole box of Yellow Cab’s largest pizza by himself!

If you’re into the heavy rock type of music, you should go check out the band through their social media links below! For song recommendations, you can also check out the set list they played for us as well.

Gary Vince

Facebook: ST.WOLF
Twitter: @stwolfph
Spotify: ST. WOLF