The DLSU Green Archers battled it out yesterday against the ADMU Blue Eagles at the Mall of Asia Arena.

The first quarter began with an aggressive three-point shot from Melecio, helping DLSU take the lead at the end with 13-12.

The second quarter gave us an interesting show. Ateneo takes over with free throws that gave them the lead, but despite that La Salle has exhibited determination and resilience. They bounce back with a 3-point shot by Manuel and a point block by Bates, making fellow Archers roar. However, another round of constant free throws from Ateneo resulted in a Lasallian drought. Nevertheless, this does not hinder Melecio from ending the quarter with a 3-point shot, DLSU 21-28 ADMU.

The Green Archers seemed as though they were not in there elements for today’s game, with a 7-point lead to beat for the 3rd quarter. A Lasallian drought yet again, but, Santillan’s and Melecio’s free throw made them close in with the score at 31-40. Lasallian supporters are at the edge of their seats as Melecio weaved around to take a shot, misses, rebounds, misses again, then dunked by Baltazar to which the Archers cheer in unison. The Eagles refuse to allow the Archers’ comeback with Tio’s 3-pointer, halting this quarter. 33-50, Ateneo leads again.

DLSU failed to take the lead in the last quarter as ADMU fired consecutive shots against their rivals. Despite that, the Green Archers refused to give up and few close calls were made, but the Eagles had secured a 16-point lead at the end of the game. Final score DLSU 55 – 71 ADMU.

This ends Round 1 for the UAAP Men’s Basketball division. The DLSU Green Archers will be back in action in Round 2, dates to be announced.