DLSU Archers and FEU Tamaraws go head to head today at the Araneta Coliseum. Game begins with consecutive shots thrown by Santillan handing the lead to De La Salle. The Tamaraws, however, did not come without a fight. Following Comboy’s three point shot, this sets the Tamaraws with a scoring frenzy – leaving the Green Archers no choice but to catch up. Montalbo’s shot triggers DLSU with a series of scores until Baltazar shoots ending the 1st quarter, DLSU 14-13 FEU.

Serrano’s rainbow shot sets the play for the second quarter, yet, the Tamaraws come back aggressive for this round. Three pointers are fired one after the other, whether in or not, FEU exhibits a strong play for this round. Causing yet again the Archers to catch up, to which they do powerfully and end the quarter with a tie; 34-34

The past two quarters demonstrates a slow play, seeming as though each team is assessing one another’s skills. It was a crawl, and yet, the third quarter offers more flavor. FEU gives off an image that they are a difficult team to beat, which has the crowd at the edge of their seats. The play was at the Tamaraws’ court, up until Santillan takes back the lead with his 3-point shot. Archers are back on their feet – an assist here, a shot there – until the quarter ends with DLSU 48-47 FEU.

As the final quarter is set, a play of back and forth is in motion. DLSU showcases a cohesive team play, allowing them to keep their lead throughout the quarter. With two minutes left on the clock, Melecio scores his 3 and FEU toughens their play. Nonetheless, the Archers hold their ground and are undefeated, ending the game with an 8 point lead. DLSU 65-57 FEU

Catch the DLSU Green Archers in their next game, November 3, 2018 at Ynares Antipolo against the UST Bulldogs.