Last October 3 on DLSU Live!, we had Cheenee Gonzalez to play us some of her original songs and renditions

Cheene started off DLSU Live! with a cover of the iconic French ballad La Vie En Rose, with half of the song sung in its French rendition (out of her own love for the language).

She said that music has always been a big part of her life, from being a fan of the Beatles, being able to play for the Church, and taking Music Business Management in MINT College. She says that she wanted to be the talent manager for the artists, but the course and the people around her influenced her shift in career choice, which has led her to become the artist that she is today. She has already performed twice on the WishBus. Her relatives from her mother’s side is composed of different musicians, while her father’s side is made up of film makers and enthusiasts.

She followed up her cover with an original song called Unusual, written to describe the radical collective of new emotions one must feel when they’re all of a sudden “in love”, and the unusual way a person snaps out of that trance when their significant other has left. She mentions that the melody drew heavy inspiration from her love for The Beatles.

Talking about the present times, she is currently working on her album and hopes to have it released by January of 2020.

Her third performance, Yours Again, was an unreleased original that entailed the journey of going through a struggle and always finding yourself back into the comfort of God’s loving grace.

Right now, she is currently engaged and is looking forward to the married life, but still wants to continue her music career as she wants her family to be her inspiration for her future music. In. On a musical perspective, her biggest goal is to travel around the world to play her music.

Cheenee’s fourth song, Still In Love With You, was another unreleased original that saw quite a departure from her generally somber and slow-paced melodies– opting instead for a very chirpy and upbeat rhythm, coupled with lyrics of being hopeful, despite failing to move on.

FUN FACT: She is a big fan of The Lord of The Rings, and she also likes to vlog as she posts on her Youtube channel. She also said that basketball was her sport way back when she was young.

Cheenee’s final act was her second and latest solo single, Gone For Good. Slow-paced, somber and gritty, the track was written for one of her dear friends who had a tough time moving on from their former significant other. Unlike Still In Love With You and its hopeful lyricism, Gone For Good painted a scenario wherein an end of a relationship is indeed the very end, and you’d be better off moving on. 


For more info on Cheenee, visit their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.