Last October 10 at the Bloemen Hall, we had Mark Atienza sing for DLSU Live!

Mark Atienza began the set with his single “No Time to Be Afraid”, a song about encouraging a significant other to take a leap and shoot their shot of love. He says his favorite line from the song was “I can see it in your eyes that you want me” – exemplifying his allure towards the hesitant lover. 

He took his studies in the College of Saint Benilde. He finished a bachelor’s degree in Music Production. He had his childhood in the United States. From an early age he developed a liking for the musical arts.

Mark’s second single, ‘Heart Like Yours’ followed up the talk segment. A song about the overwhelming joy of being in love with the right person, amplified by lines like “I’m so in love I just can’t get enough”. 

Currently, he is independent and not signed under a record label. Although he has not released any major albums, he is currently working on an unnamed EP. He has two released songs on Spotify, and performed an unreleased song during DLSU Live. Mark currently performs during gigs in different cafes, clubs, and on his alma mater, the College of Saint Benilde.

After a short break, he proceeded to do a cover of the iconic romantic ballad “If I Ain’t Got You”. The song was dear to him as it was something he had been playing since his very first gig. 

Mark has dreams of touring abroad in the future. He plans to finish his Master’s degree in Boston, Massachusetts. Mark also has ambitions in working with western artists such as Ed Sheeran, who has inspired him and his music.

To end the show was a special track he reserved just for DLSU Live! The unreleased, never before heard live song “Love Is In The Air”, a track that keeps in theme towards romantic positivity through its upbeat and happy lyrics. 

FUN FACT: For the fun segment, the DJs played a “Quick-FIre” game, asking Mark about his favorite things and what he prefers. The game consisted of questions such as “Do you like pineapples on pizza?” and other fun questions. Mark goes back to mentioning his dream as he wishes to expand his music career there, as he can learn from his roots and other artists from the city. He also talked about working with other Filipino artists in the future.

You can visit Mark’s Social Media Link for Facebook, TwitterInstagram,and Youtube.