Last October 17, on DLSU Live!, Oh Stella graced the Station with their original songs and covers.


The band’s name was conceived from the Korean “Oh”, which means “five”, and the Latin “Stella”, which means “star”. Put together, their name, they say, is a representation of the excellence they wish to exhibit in the music industry with their sound.


Before the band was formed just last year, Tonyo and JM Santos, the lead singers, had long before began writing their own songs. For these, they drew inspiration from the likes of IV of Spades and Ben&Ben. Soon after writing, they came to meet Nico and Joseph through their church and their meeting Jeremy shortly followed suit.


Eventually, Oh Stella debuted with their first original song “‘Di Ba Pwede”, which, to date, has gathered a total of 2,000 views on their official Facebook page. The song tells the story of someone who wishes to freely love and pursue another but is unable to. Tonyo, the lyricist, said he took from personal experience in writing, much like JM. 


With their second original song, “I’ll See You Soon”, the band expresses what it feels like to lose someone regardless of the efforts to keep them in their lives. This ballad was a stark contrast to the third original song they performed to close the show, “Here for You”. This upbeat tune talks about being there for a loved one at all times.


Currently, the band operates independently, performing gigs at local coffee shops among other places when they can spare the time to do so. They have high hopes of improving their sound and of getting signed into an official record label, as well as putting out their songs on Spotify. 


You can visit Oh Stella’s social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.