Last Thursday, October 24, on DLSU Live!, indie-loving Hustina Hope played a few of her favorite songs and originals.

She started off with her own rendition of Sundo by Imago – one of her favorite OPM songs from the early 2000s as she claims it never fails to make her feel emotional. She also added that she really likes the artist. Their songs remind her of her own music style: chill indie and acoustic.

Hustina Hope, also known as Justine Esperanza, shared that she had acquired her name by switching up “Justine” to “Hustina” and translating “Esperanza” from Spanish to “hope” in English. Since 2016, the young artist has been writing and producing her own songs, inspired by indie OPM artists such as Ben&Ben and Unique Salonga.

She then followed up with her next song, an original called Banyuhay, which means “metamorphosis” in Bisaya. After playing this song live for the first time, she went on to explain that it was dedicated to anyone afraid of going through changes or unknown risks.

Aside from her ongoing music career, Hustina is currently a student juggling many of her hobbies and interests such as dance and fashion design. Though she may love music, her main focus at the time being is her startup called Bad Sleep Well Co., a streetwear fashion brand that she manages with her one of her close friends.

Continuing with another cover, Oo by Up Dharma Down, she further showed her love and passion for the Filipino indie scene. Considered as one of her comfort songs, it also helps represent her taste in music; however, she does not confine herself to Indie. She then went to explain that she would also love to write and perform songs from the R&B and hip-hop genres when she is able to develop herself more.

Fun fact: Her favorite Disney movie is Lion King, the animated version, and she’s also a Tarrantino fan, with Pulp Fiction as her all-time favorite movie.

For her last song, she performed Ikaw Pa Rin, which she produced with Aira Sino Cruz, a previous DLSU Live! guest (Check out her performance coverage here). The song, she said, talks about the feeling of being hung up over someone.

Though she may be focused on her fashion brand at the present, her doors remain open to more music opportunities. You never know when she might drop a music video collaboration with her friends, so check out and follow her through the social media handles down below!

Check out Hustina’s socials at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.