Last November 7 on DLSU Live!, we had our very own Beni Mateo to grace us with his fast raps and sick beats.

Beni started off with a song entitled “Prologue (prod. OHD)” to introduce himself and his genre of rap. According to him, the song contains some of the first verses he has ever written, which dates back to his time in 12th grade.

Although he wrote this fairly recently, Beni Mateo has been performing since 9th grade, previously with his group of friends. Beginning as an entry to a battle of the bands competition and literally making the crowd go wild, this experience gave him the inspiration to start making music even after the band’s dispersion after senior high. From there, he looked to rappers such as Curtis Smith and Tupac to further improve his skills and content.

Following up with songs of admiration, Beni played “In the Mornin’ (prod. Lee)” and a cover of “Dalaga” originally by Arvey. “In the Mornin’” talks about seeing someone with a “whoa” factor wherein the though of her lingers in your mind, while his cover song, “Dala”, is his fun song that he chills and practices with.

Currently, he does the mixing himself using royalty free beats online; however, he soon plans to start composing them himself in the future. For now, he is still testing the waters of music production by creating and getting feedback from friends before uploading them on his Soundcloud. This process begins with the memories that he makes with his friends, to which he says: “There is no better teacher than experience”, leading him to open up his experiences through his music.

Continuing with another original, “All Your Love (prod. Jaycee)”, it tells a story of a guy wanting the affection of his close female friend even after she moved on to another guy. Finally ending the set with another love song called “14/19 (prod. IVN)”, he recounts his experience meeting someone on Valentine’s Day and his determination to court her.

Fun Fact: He also uploads vlogs on his Youtube channel, most of which are moments and adventures with his friends.

In the near future, he plans to try and break through into the local rap scene by getting as much exposure as possible, while still constantly polishing his craft. He currently has a list of songs planned to add to his Soundcloud and also has beats and melodies ready to use for a planned EP. He hopes to someday reach the level of fame to perform during De La Salle University’s Animusika.


Check out Beni Mateo on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube.