On last Thursday’s DLSU Live!, we had upcoming rock & soul star from the band Keane Trinity, Keane! 

His set started off with the song, “Jawline”, which talks about feeling bodily insecurities. A key and recurring line, “feed me lies”, tells how people can become addicted to false compliments and turning a blind eye to negatives rather than sticking to the truth. 

Delving into their formation, Keane Trinity comes from Lance Keane’s last name and the fact that they are a trio. The band started in 2017 and has since been working their way to the spotlight with their mix of soul tunes and guitar-heavy blow-out-your-speakers level rock sound. 

Following up with two more songs, Keane sang “Drama” and “Keep”. With the abundance of hugot songs around these days, Keane wrote “Drama” to be a spoof of the said genre. It talks about a person feeling conflicted with grief and relief at the same time right after a break-up. “Keep,” on the other hand, talks about growing up and not knowing what to do. It’s about the confusion of life and the feeling of “not doing anything meaningful.” 

At the present, Keane Trinity identifies as a Rock & Soul band influenced by artists like Mowtown, Miles Experience, and Arctic Monkeys. Their songs are inspired by the experience of life in general, to which Keane himself keeps a notebook, which he even brought into the studio, of his ideas and experiences. 

His next song, “Lazy Day”, was literally written on a lazy day, wherein all he did was write the song while he cut class. He states that even though he was academically being counter-productive by staying in all day, at least he was able to produce a new song. He considers this to be a rookie song since he wrote this when he was still new to songwriting and is mainly focused on its musicality. 

Fun fact: During the Fun Segment of DLSU Live!, Keane was able to play “Keep” in two different genres, country, and hip-hop, without breaking a sweat. He didn’t even need a minute to think of how he would switch the genre, which just shows how quickly he can adapt to situations. 

Finally, his last song, “Siga”, faces the problems of school bullying and how it’s a cycle- there are reasons for why kids become bullies. The message is that we need to understand people better and learn how to approach the situation better as well. As Keane says, “If somebody is bad, there has to be a reason.”

In the future, Keane Trinity plans to release a coming-of-age album, which shows life at a certain age where maybe not everything is always happy. Also, if given the chance, they would love to collaborate with Miles Experience and Bita and the Botflies. To wrap things up, Keane says their overall goal is to be known by people, for them to recognize and jam to their music with them. 


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