Last Thursday on DLSU Live!, we had the elegant electro-pop artist, Dione, introduce to us the local scene of her genre as well as her personal advocacies within her music.

Starting her set with an empowering song, “Slay”, she tells a story inspired by her single mother, who was able to get through an abusive relationship and still raise three kids by herself. The lyric, “I’m going to light up my own show”, aims to encourage anyone who has been through a similar experience to find their own strength within themselves.

Dione’s interest in music started all the way when she was a kid going to musical theater workshops. However, she only decided to take up music as a career during her time with a chorale group back in college. From there, she decided she wanted to express herself individually and decided to learn the technical side of recording music with the help of her friends. 

The next song she sang was dedicated to the LGBT community entitled, “Wild Cards”. The song is basically a statement to the close minded people and attributing LGBT people to wild cards- wanting to be what they want to be.

Though she currently identifies her genre as electro-pop, she used to sing acoustic pop songs, one of which is her popular love song, “Para Muna”. She moved to electro-pop because of her friend, Kuya Japo. An unreleased song, “NBSB”, was sent to him and they, together with Nick Lazaro, worked together to transform her genre into what it is today.

Dione’s third song, “Concussion”, tackles the issue of sexual harassment and catcalling. The title jabs at the thought that maybe there’s something wrong with the minds of those who commit these sickening acts. 

Currently, Dione focuses on her social advocacies through her music while still delivering a boppy sound that people love listening to. Though love songs are a hit, like her song “Para Muna”, she chooses to promote her advocacies instead. 

Her second to the last song, “Huminga”, is dedicated to everyone going through anxiety, PTSD, and the like. It is a reminder to take a break and breathe during these moments where the usually simple acts can be difficult to do. 

Fun fact: While making music, she also manages her own couture line of minimalist and Japanese inspired locally made footwear, B&B Leather PH, which you can follow on Instagram and Facebook.

When asked about her plans for the future, Dione stated that she plans to just keep releasing songs. If given the chance to form a band or collaborate, she states that she would love to experience making music with other people. So, shoutout to those who want to start a band with her! 

Check out her music here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.