The first DLSU Live! of 2020 is in the books and Tiffany Boado kicked off the new year with a melodramatic bang! She joined us to perform her hit single “Sandali” as well as a few never before heard tracks along the way. 

After the first song, Tiffany let the audiences know a bit about her past- revealing that she was an instrumentalist for a few years before starting out and writing her own lyrics. In fact, she admitted that her first single, “Sandali”, was the first song she ever wrote back in 2017. She says that she was inspired by her father who worked as a session drummer for RJ Jacinto. 

She talked about her love for Paramore and Avril Lavigne and how their music inspired hers. She talked about her time at the University of Santo Tomas where she took up Interior Design. She always loved music, but she had to study and work first before pursuing her music career. She said her goal is to play in UST someday for Paskuhan, the university’s annual Christmas event. 

She played a small game where she was asked simple, but random questions. After the game, she talked about her Youtube channel and how she would post different covers of songs from her favorite artists onto her channel. She also discussed her newly released music video for her single, “Disyembre,” which is now  on her Youtube channel.

Tiffany talked about her niece and how she is also musically inclined. Her niece has already started learning how to play the guitar and has also shown talent in singing. She also said she would not mind being part of a band soon. She said she only started her music career about 2 years ago and was recently signed under Bowfinger Records. She also talked about how she still has projects from Interior Design on the side while still pursuing music.

Tiffany said she was going to continue to pursue her music career while still doing projects for her work on the side because her work is the only way she can sustain her passion. If she had to choose however, she would still choose her love and passion for music over her career; she just has to get to a point where she is successful enough. For her final song, Tiffany sang her own rendition of the classic song “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. 

Check out Tiffany’s social media pages on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify if you want to see more content from her.