The band “Pinkmen” performed during DLSU Live! last February 13, 2020. As they introduced themselves, saying that they were excited to be in the show, as it was their first time on campus.

Priding themselves as a group of troublemakers that create fun songs and sad stories in between, Pinkmen started off their DLSU Live! set accordingly with their debut single “Asked You To Dance” released in February of 2019. An accompanying music video followed in May. The song recalls a memory of having to go through a painful rejection, but in true Pinkmen tradition, not having to regret it in the future.

After performing their first song, the band talked about the history of their band and how they started. At first, it was just Matt and Giro in highschool and they started off as a duo back then. When they entered UP or the University of the Philippines, they stopped making music together for 2 years and decided to become a duo once again when they joined the Battle of the Bands in their university, which they won first place. Afterwards, they chose to recruit new members for their band because they believed that the music that they’re creating needs more musical instruments. They mentioned that their major musical influences were mostly older artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles etc.

They would immediately follow this up with a performance of their second song, “Your Name”. Released in December of 2019, it is their latest single and third under offshore records. It entails a conversation with an insecure significant other, wishing to become someone better– only to be reassured that they are everything a person could ever ask for.

They then talked about Offshore Records and how it feels like to be signed up with their record label. They said that signing up with Offshore has elevated them to new heights and that they are very thankful for this opportunity. They also expressed how they felt being associated with one of OPM’s legends, Ely Buendia. They told us how they met him during a gig and how that led to them signing up for Buendia’s record label, which is the aforementioned, Offshore Records.

There was a short game segment where we asked the bandmates different questions that would tell us if they really knew each other. Questions like “Who’s most likely to date a fan?” and “Who’s most likely to accidentally break an instrument?”. Questions that further prove their brand as “troublemakers”, and based on their answers, it would seem that all of them are personified as equally talented and rousey.

Their third song soon followed; performing “Hanggang sa Muli”, their only Filipino song released to date. It was originally released alongside “Asked You to Dance” as simultaneous debut singles, as per Offshore Record’s publishing advisory. Before their DLSU Live! performance started, Giro asked Matt off-air if they could perform the song first just so they could “get it over with”.

When talking about their future plans, the members gave the word “Sardinas” as a teaser for the new project that they’re currently working on. They said that they’ll definitely continue to pursue their passion. They responded to their criticism of being too “oldie” sounding and that they belong in another era by saying that even if they do sound old, as long as they continue to make good music, they’ll be. Even if it harkens back to classic music, as long as they sound good and fans enjoy their songs then they will continue on. They also plan to spice up their style soon enough by making more “dancey” music in the future.

To end the show, the band decided to play their original song entitled, “Mary-Anne”.

Prior to the start of their final performance of the afternoon, Matt had urgent matters to attend to and had to leave. This left Giro and JR to perform the final song “Mary-Anne” as a duo. This song has never been released on any platform, and according to them, might not be released anytime in the future, at least not under the Pinkmen name (Giro later admitted that he has several other musical acts apart from Pinkmen). As a duo and with Giro taking full control of the vocal work, Mary-Anne was a quietly intimate departure from their normal folk-alternative style. A strong note to end what was essentially an excellent DLSU Live!

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