Last February 20, That Band Astra played their original songs and covers.

The members of the band were actually from different bands when they were still in senior high, but found an undeniable connection with each other. Eventually, they decided to leave their bands at that time and form a new one. They also had numerous band names before such as Peanut Butter, Steller, Astra, until they settled  with their current name, That Band Astra.

As individuals who started to love music at a very young age, they were exposed to different genres over the years. Though everyone in the band has their own unique taste and has different artists as inspirations, they have this common love for OPM which helps keep them together.

That Band Astra started off with “It’s You”, an original song. It was composed by Buffy and Miles, and arranged by Zoie, Gibson, Bjanca, David, Buffy, and Miles. Through the song, they confess that they would run back to the love of their life anytime and every time. 

The night before they were to perform, they pranked one member by saying that they would play “My Boy” by Billie Eilish. Without knowing that it was a joke, he studied the chords to the song and because of that, they were not able to pick a “serious” song, and pushed through with the impromptu cover. They were able to pull off the song effortlessly. 

Now Boarding” is another song that the band wrote. This song tells a story of  a couple that is forced to separate because one of them has to leave the country. Hence, the title. By the end of the song the personas decide that even if it really is hard to maintain a long distance relationship, they insist on staying together. 

Before moving on to their last song, they performed a cover of “Huling Sayaw” by Kamikazee. They made their own rendition of the  song their own by adding their personal emotions and riffs to it.

For their last song, they chose another original song, “Hilo”. It was also composed by Buffy and Miles, and arranged by Zoie, Gibson, Bjanca, David, Buffy, and Miles. One unforgettable line says ”Umiikot ang mundo, at hindi na ikaw ang nasa isip ko.” The band said that most of the time, our generation uses alcohol to just forget and escape– may that be a person or a problem. We love to feel the dizziness and every emotion that comes with it. 

During the game segment, they played “Who’s Most Likely To.” Through the game, we saw that the band members really knew one another well since they never second guessed who they should point their fingers to. Indeed, they were meant to form this band because they compliment each other well, and they have good chemistry together.

The band is currently writing new songs and they are performing gigs whenever they have the time. They are looking forward to producing new sounds and using different platforms, such as Spotify and Youtube, so that they can be heard more.

You can see what That Band Astra is up to through their Facebook and Twitter pages.