Last Thursday, March 5, 2020, DLSU Live! featured Indie R&B/Soul sibling duo “Franz & Francis.”

They started off their set with an original song entitled, “Blue In June.” The song took us through the feelings and experiences of having someone to come home to and share your day with.

When the song ended, Franz and Francis explained that their love for music was inspired by their father—one of their first teachers. Their father introduced them to music through the ever-constant playing of his guitar. Before they decided to become a duo, Franz was already writing songs and making his own beats. The musical pair formed as Franz and Francis were hanging out and unanimously decided to become a duo. When faced with the decision of what to call their band, they eventually agreed to put their second names together as they were usually called by their first names Jay (Francis) and Jayson (Franz). 

The next song they sang was entitled, “Met You Before”. It talked about meeting someone in the present and wishing that you had met them sooner, in an earlier and better time in your life. Francis mentioned that he associates his current girlfriend with this song.

Presently, the duo performs at gigs, as well as being focused on producing soon-to-be-released ballads. When asked about how they came up with their songs, they answered that their songs always came from their experiences and how creating music for people to listen to is an outlet they use to express themselves.

After this segment, Franz and Francis closed their DLSU Live! set with their song “Flying Over,” which described long distance relationships and conveyed that no matter how near or far the distance, if you truly love each other, you will always find a way to work things out.

When asked about future plans, the duo said that they are mostly just focused on songwriting as well as being able to recruit more members for the purpose of expanding and forming a larger ensemble. 

For more on Franz and Francis, visit their socials on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.