Last February 27, Mntklya gave us an all original set during their performance on DLSU Live!

They are an alternative mellow rock band based in South Manila. Originally playing for different bands during a school competition, the members met and then formed Mntklya, consisting of frontman and songwriter JVee Villena, guitarists Emmanuel Ramos and Choi Barlis, drummer Carl Patrick Cagubcub, and bassist Rayna Dane Dela Cruz. 

Most of their songs that have been released are in Filipino, but the band said that there is one English song that they have yet to fully arrange. The band got their name from the Filipino word “mantikilya” which is a direct translation of “butter”. It was a normal day for them when one of them suddenly brought up this question of translation. When they had finally realized that the word they were looking for was “mantikilya”, they joked about making it their band name. So they decided to cut down the letters, thus Mntklya was born. The vocalist also said that if you add some slang to it, the band name could be read as “meant to kill ya”.

“Hannah” is a song that tells us about the certainty of loving someone even when there is that uncertainty that they won’t feel the same way. JVee shared his experience and the reason behind the song which shows that he also puts meaning and emotion to the songs that he composes.

The band members had been schoolmates before and were once competitors of each other in a Battle of the Bands competition. After losing the contest, they decided that they wanted to merge together their members and produced their team of five talented and passionate musicians. They said that losing the Battle of the Bands was also a blessing in disguise since they were able to come together and form their band.

“Kung Pwede Lang” is a bittersweet narrative of one of JVee’s friends, he joked about it but in the end admitted that he asked for consent. It talks about courtship and rejection.

The band is currently at their peak, with 3 songs released on Spotify, namely “Hannah” with 46k streams, “Buhos” with 107k streams, and “ILYSB” with 28k streams. 

“Buhos” is the band’s first ever single. It talks about the desperation of wanting to move on, but realizing you can’t. JVee mentioned in the interview that he was happy when he wrote the song because he never thought that he would be one to experience it.

Make sure to take note of all of their events this year. They are targeting to release an EP by June, a new single on August 17 (which JVee pointed out had a meaning on why this was the exact date, I guess we’re gonna have to wait to find out), and an anniversary show happening in October.

The band said they wanted to give LANY’s “ILYSB” a different meaning, thus coming up with the title “I Love You Sabay Bawi”. It is obviously about people who will awaken your feelings, but don’t have the intention to stay. 

The band was a lively bunch and they proved that in a game of “Who’s Most Likely To?”. One of the questions was “Who is most likely to be arrested?”, the room was filled with laughter as all of them agreed that it was their guitarist Choi. Another coincidental question was, “Who is most likely to break a bone?”, and it was the vocalist JVee for the reason that he had already gotten a past injury during one of their gigs.


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