Being stuck during this quarantine has pushed Green Giant FM to open its doors to a new avenue on providing entertainment and original content through podcasts. Our first podcast is premiered by our Senior DJs Kaps and Jamie, along with our DJT Dira, under the group name “eX-DJs.” Our DJs see themselves bring back the life before quarantine by reminiscing their unforeseen last days of school, recalling their interrupted summer plans, discussing conspiracy theories, and mentioning the amusing yet inaccurate tips that our parents get from Viber.

After bantering on the activities they did after school before classes were indefinitely suspended, our DJs recall their summer plans that have been unfortunately cancelled. They also mention the Taal Volcano eruption, Australian wildfires, melting of the Himalayas, and the flooding in Indonesia as bad omens before this pandemic even started. The DJs follow this by recognizing their own privileges during these trying times. They even speak up about companies exploiting poverty in this pandemic and encourage listeners to donate to help those who are less privileged.

From discussing life before the pandemic, the DJs jump to the engrossing discussion of conspiracy theories about the virus, which were mostly unfortunately debunked. They also shed a light on how this pandemic has affected the lives of Chinese people by encountering heightened racism, especially in certain universities.

Shifting the topic to a lighter note, our DJs talk about the things they miss. DJ Jamie expresses that she misses dressing and commuting despite the struggle, while DJ Kaps adds that she misses the uncertainty of the day ahead of her and having the concept of making choices.
Finally, our DJs close off with the advice and tips they have heard from their parents circulating in Viber. Despite these funny anecdotes, our DJs advice on reading up articles on the virus to be properly informed.


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