Welcome to The Waiting Room’s first episode!

In this introduction, DJs Ella, Quadro, and Macey bring us the Waiting Room, a (virtual) place to talk, reconnect, and wait for better days to come as we all experience life under quarantine. Starting with light-hearted updates on each other’s lives, the DJs find themselves talking about alleged cures and remedies for COVID-19 that have been circulating online and among tita gossip. Although, while talking about this, one of them presents a bleak situation- what if a cure isn’t found? What would life without a cure be like?

From fashionable post-quarantine outfits to the state of our education system, the DJs attempt to imagine a world after quarantine without a cure. As the virus continues to persist, our hosts continue to share how the entertainment industry has also been dealt a massive blow as tapings and live shows are brought to a halt. However, on the brighter side, the opportunity to watch classic films or even documentaries on platforms such as Netflix is still available even as the present entertainment industry is on hiatus. Taking it a step further in a post-quarantine world, DJ Quadro suggests the idea of returning drive-in movies like in 60’s and 70’s.

Moving on to the possibility of post-quarantine life with a vaccine available, the DJs go back to picturing the first thing they would do once everyone’s vaccinated and safe. From going out with friends again, to reuniting with family, they reach the conclusion that we should continue with the new normal- one where we do not take our time with friends and family for granted and one where we give more importance to hygiene.

By the end of the podcast, regardless of whether we have a vaccine or not by the time quarantine ends, our DJs stress the importance of our outlook and hope that we all try to continue thinking positively despite our situation.

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