Last week, DLSU Green Giant FM released its 4th episode of “The GGFM Podcast”

In this episode, Kaps, Jamie, and Dira start off with introducing trends they’ve noticed, especially in these times of isolation. With their own segment of “Lola Time”, Dira talked about baking bread and how bakers in Canada are having a hard time getting their yeast, coining the term “Yeast shortage of 2020”. With Jamie adding information on how to make your own yeast, Kaps explains “bread scoring”, which is the put precise incisions on the dough before baking.

Jamie follows up with home economics, such a cross-stitching which Dira expounds her experience with it. Kaps tells the audience that patience and precision are important skills when repurposing old clothes and other items.

In their 3rd “Lola Time” trend, Jamie brings up indoor gardening, in which both Kaps and Dira share their own insights about it.

Keep up to date with the latest trends as DJ Kaps, Dira, and Jamie talk about all the trends that emerged the past month.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views of the hosts do not reflect the views of the organization, the Student Media Office, or De La Salle University.

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