The Reel Deal Ep 1

by Joaquin Ng

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023

Don't lie, we've all imagined ourselves as the lead role in our favorite movies and beloved TV shows. You could even make a couple of friends just by having a mutual interest in these characters! So if you want to geek out about your favorite heroes or fangirl over the love interest of a romcom, then this episode is quite literally for you! Catch DJs Jesse, Rome, Nadz, and Ryan as they bring you a brand new box-office breakout episode of The Reel Deal entitled "Yo They're Just Like Me for Real" to be posted on our official Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, and website on February 18, 2023!

If you're unfamiliar with a "Literally Me" character, then fret not! This episode will show you not just the basics of finding a new personality but will also explore the different movie franchises and shows that our DJs love. From the action-packed universe of Marvel to the comedic and cozy vibe of Friends to the quirky and upbeat world of Scott Pilgrim and the spooky Upside Down of Stranger Things, you can bet that we have your fandoms covered (be warned though, major spoilers will be found in this podcast)!

So channel your main character energy with us and tune in to the newest installment  of The Reel Deal! Who knows? Maybe one of the DJs themselves could be your new favorite (non-fictional, of course) character!


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