Lying Creatures Post-Event

Thursday, 2021-03-25 - Saturday, 2021-04-03


Teatro 77’s impressive online interactive play, Lying Creature, has officially wrapped up on the 3rd of April, 2021. Written by Isabella Pedersen, and produced by Kyla Ravago and Samantha Campos, Lying Creatures was designed to expose its audience to a unique theatrical experience that aimed to push the limits of local theatre by embracing the advantages of online platforms.

The plot of Lying Creatures introduces its audience to the city of Lunan, in the year of 1946. The audience joins the main character, a stoic detective, in an effort to solve the so-called “case of the century”, wherein the mayor’s daughter had gone missing. Running out of time in a city populated with misfits, mortals, and immortals, the detective must move quickly in order to solve the mystery. The audience plays a crucial role in the story as they serve as the detective’s sense of judgement, essentially dictating the flow and outcome of the story. The interactive nature between audience and detective creates a memorable experience for the audience, as they develop a sense of relatability with the main character. In addition to that, the audience was encouraged to discuss amongst themselves in tackling the events of the story, which enhanced their teamwork and problem solving skills.

Teatro 77 has truly outdone themselves with the release of Lying Creatures, as the play not only encourages its audience to work together in solving the mystery; it essentially invites them to experience the beauty of digital theater, together.

The play was held from March 25 to April 3 via Teatro 77’s own website at With the success of Lying Creatures, there’s no doubt that Teatro 77 will release more exciting projects in the future. Stay up to date with the latest updates and news by following them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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