‘Nay ‘Tay Gusto Kong Tinapay: Tulong Kay Manong

Sunday, 2020-10-04


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‘Nay ‘Tay Gusto Kong Tinapay, a student-led initiative, launches their first event Tulong Kay Manong.

In light of the current global crisis, many Filipinos have lost their means to earn for their families, some of those who are deeply affected by this are Jeepney drivers. Tulong Kay Manong is the first event of ‘Nay ‘Tay Gusto Kong Tinapay (NTGKT) which aims to help jeepney drivers to recover from the setback that the pandemic has brought through providing them with basic necessities such as food and hygiene supplies.


The event is currently accepting both in-cash and in-kind donations which will be distributed on October 4, 2020 to various jeepney drivers in need.


Donations can be sent through:

BDO – 012230001783 | John Lorenzo Tugade

GCASH – 0926 015 7081 | Jeanelle Rodriguez

UNIONBANK – 10965495 2700 | Maxine Silvino


Make sure to follow their social media accounts to know more about the event:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naytaygustokongtinapay/


Instagram: @naytaygustokongtinapay


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