REINCARNATE: South Korean Appreciation Week Post-Event

Monday, 2021-01-04 - Saturday, 2021-01-09
Facebook Live


From January 4 to January 9, AJA Animo held REINCARNATE: South Korean Appreciation Week, a week-long event that sought to establish the organization’s presence within the lasallian community by sharing the beauty of South Korean culture.

REINCARNATE began the event with a film viewing activity, where participants watched “Along With The Gods”, a movie that was in line with the theme of Reincarnation. AJA Animo also held a food video wherein they delved into South Korean cuisine, and even made tteokbokki. The event also had interactive activities such as the selca challenge and the daily korean culture fact. The selca challenge encouraged participants to take pictures while wearing outfits from their favorite K-Dramas, while the daily korean culture facts informed viewers of the different superstitions that South Koreans believe in. REINCARNATE also had an informative webinar called: The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Selling, wherein young entrepreneurs such as Mr. Nero Tajan and Ms. Marie Posadas discussed the realm of online selling. A particularly inspiring portion of the event was the AJAmazing Video, where AJA Animo’s own Artist Management Department performed dances while being accompanied by the singing talents of De La Salle Innersoul. Each highlight heavily contributed to the main goal of the entire event, which was to establish AJA Animo as a legitimate organization within the lasallian community while introducing viewers that there is more to South Korean culture than meets the eye.

REINCARNATE was held on Facebook Live through AJA Animo’s Facebook page, with constant updates and announcements posted throughout the duration of the event.

With REINCARNATE, AJA Animo has proven that they have more to offer in the near future. If you are interested in learning more about the organization and REINCARNATE, be sure to visit their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.


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