REINCARNATE: South Korean Appreciation Week

Monday, 2021-01-04 - Saturday, 2021-01-09
Facebook Live


Were your travel plans to South Korea shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic? Fret not, for AJA Animo is here to bring you REINCARNATE: South Korean Appreciation Week, a week-long event that aims to establish the organization’s purpose by bringing you a slice of South Korean culture from the comfort of your own home.

REINCARNATE will showcase more than just Korean entertainment, as it will incorporate activities such as film-viewing, language studies, cuisine, webinars, and song and dance. The whole event will serve as AJA Animo’s platform to bring awareness to the organization and its purpose. Through the sharing of South Korean culture, along with building connections with other organizations, REINCARNATE allows AJA Animo to be established and recognized within the Lasallian community.

Come along with AJA Animo and explore the beauty of South Korean culture, which will be held from January 4-9 on Facebook live. You can visit their Instagram and Facebook for important announcements and updates regarding the event.



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